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Samaritans - We offer tangible assistance in the form of vouchers for utitlity payments,  etc., in addition to food and clothing for those in need due to poverty, life transitions, and hardship emergencies.

Applicant Screening - In order to ensure legitimacy, our clients are required to provide picture identification, last 4 digits of social security numbers, proof of income, birth dates and proof of residency for all household members.

Money - We are one of the few agencies in DeSoto County that provide emergency financial assistance. We have established relationships with Entergy, Atmos, and water companies in the area, which enable us to pledge assistance so that no money is exchanged between Samaritans and its clients.

Alternatives - We are committed to finding options that give our clients a sense of personal power. Our case workers can educate clients on methods for budgeting so that the clients take full responsibility for their finances.

Resources - By attending city-wide functions and visiting with other non-profits in our area, we strive to stay informed and up-to-date on the resources available in our community.

Interviewing - We have experienced volunteers who study client applications and who delve into very personal aspects of a client's life, such as their bank statements and outstanding bills, to ensure that they are spending wisely and making every possible effort to help themselves.

Talents - We are sharing our gifts and talents with clients; but even more important, we are identifying and encouraging the gifts and talents of our clients.

Attention - We are focused on finding solutions to the problem of poverty in our community by zeroing in case-by-case.

Neighbor - We are creating a community chest of people who are willing to exchange services - - neighbor helping neighbor. We are partnering with churches to develop an "adopt a family" program in an effort to lead one family at a time out of the welfare system.

Seniors - We are especially interested in seniors and those who are disabled and unable to work. Samaritans offers special programs that are available to us by the Salvation Army, such as Power to Care.

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