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About Us

Samaritans is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, serving Horn Lake and Southaven, Mississippi. We are governed by representatives of local churches and businesses who voluntarily serve as Board of Directors.

Our goal is to reach out and help those who are living at a poverty level and provide emergency financial assistance with utilities, food and clothing as well as referrals to other resources available in our community. Also, to try and educate and find alternatives to help those living at a poverty level, to be self-sufficient and graduate them from poverty, one step at a time

Many of the clients we serve are elderly or disabled, on Social Security. These clients are on a fixed income and most have medications that they can not afford. As well as, home repairs, utilities that continue to rise due to the heat in our recent summers increasing and the cold of winters also increasing. It is almost impossible for our seniors and disabled to survive without community help.

We can always help and educate the under-employed or unemployed, to get them to help themselves, with our help and guidance. However, the seniors and disabled, living on fixed income, need the community's help. Samaritans can continue to help our seniors and disabled as long as we have the support of other programs like the Salvation Army, Entergy, Atmos and, most important...... YOU!!!!!

For more information on how you can help, follow the link to the left.

We are funded by and dependent entirely upon grant allocations and donations from churches, businesses and other organizations, as well as private indivuduals.

Our Mission Statement:

To provide emergency subsistence, to offer empowering information, and to guide our clients out of poverty one step at a time.

Our Motto:

Offering a Hand Up,

Not a Hand Out

Location and Mailing Address:

2600 Goodman Road

P.O. Box 576

Horn Lake, MS 38637

Office Phone: 662-393-6439

FAX: 662-393-6867


Mondays 10:00AM - 2:00PM                           Clients need to be signed in

Wednesdays 10:00AM - 2:00PM                        by 1:30 pm for assistance

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